Small Bendable Jewelry

Check out the hot new trend in jewelry.  It's bendable for endless possibilities.  Wear it as a necklace, a bracelet, tie up your scarf with one.  The possibilities are endless!  Wear multiple colors for a unique piece of art!

This is my smallest option at 35 to 42 inches.  These are 5mm and have the most verasatiiity as jewelry. These can be worn as necklaces, bracelets, hair and scarf accessories.

Click on the options box to open up the colors that I have available.


FYI -  There are several pictures of a bright gold that I no longer carry.  I will have the photo updated soon.  Also, I am adding a muted gold as well as an antique brass color.


Need some help with how to wear your Bendable Jewelry??  I have uploaded a few videos on YouTube to help you get started.  Just go to YouTube and type in "GinasJewels".   I show different ways to wear your jewelry as a necklace, bracelet and hair accessory.  There may be several links under this name.  Just scroll down until you find the ones titled Bendable Jewelry.

Small Bendable Jewelry
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