Large Bendable Jewelry

Check out the hot new trend in jewelry.  It's bendable for endless possibilities.  Wear it as a necklace, a bracelet, tie up your scarf with one.  The possibilities are endless!  Wear multiple colors for a unique piece of art!

The largest size is 70 inches in circumference and is 5mm thick.  This option is great for a belt and as a necklace.

Click on "Bendable Options" below to tell me which colors you would like to purchase.

Need some help with how to wear your Bendable Jewelry??  I have uploaded a few videos on YouTube to help you get started.  Just go to YouTube and type in "GinasJewels".  I show different ways to wear your jewelry as a necklace, bracelet and hair accessory.  There may be several links under this name.  Just scroll down until you find the ones titled Bendable Jewelry.

Large Bendable Jewelry
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